Beach Group

Laboratory for Nanomagnetism and Spin Dynamics


Principal investigator
Geoff Professor Geoffrey Beach |
Before coming to MIT, Professor Geoffrey Beach worked in UCSD's Center for Magnetic Recording Research and later went on to the University of Texas at Austin as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Physics and the Texas Materials Institute. His group focuses on spin dynamics and “spin-electronics” in nanoscale magnetic materials and devices.
Felix Buettner |
Felix received his Ph.D. in physics from University of Mainz, Germany, in 2013. His graduate studies focused on the investigation of the gyrotropic motion of magnetic skyrmions using ultra high resolution X-ray holography dynamic imaging. He joined the Beach group after working in industry in October 2015. His current research interest is the investigation of the current-driven propagation of magnetic skyrmions in nanowires and the development of materials to make such a motion fully repeatable.
Jason Bartell |
Jason joined the group in 2018 after earning his PhD. in Applied Physics from Cornell. As a graduate student, he developed time-resolved magnetothermal imaging techniques and used these techniques to study thin film magnetic devices. As a postdoc, he is interested in studying magnetic dynamics in ferrimagnetic metals and insulators using optical and electrical spectroscopy methods.
Graduate students
Aik Jun Tan |
Aik Jun received his Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013. He started his PhD program at MIT in September 2013 and joined the Beach group in November 2013. His current work involves understanding effects of ionic movement on magnetic properties.
Lucas Caretta |
Lucas received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2013. He joined Prof. Beach’s group in the Fall of 2013. He is currently interested in electrical measurements of current-induced switching in perpendicular magnetized thin films using the Spin Hall Effect.
Ivan Lemesh |
Ivan received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Applied Physics and Mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He started his PhD program at MIT and joined the Beach group in Fall 2014. His current work involves exploring of interface-driven chiral magnetism in ultrathin films.
Mantao Huang |
Mantao received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University in 2014. He joined Prof. Beach's group in the Fall of 2014. He is currently interested in exploring property switching by ionic movement.
Alexandra Churikova |
Alexandra Churikova joined the Beach Group in Fall 2016 after receiving her B.S. in Physics and Mathematics at MIT. Her interest is in electrical detection and imaging of current-driven dynamics of magnetic structures influenced by anisotropic exchange interaction.
Sara Sheffels |
Sara received her B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and her M.S. in Applied Physics from Stanford University. She joined the Beach group in January 2018. Her work explores ionic movement in thin films for nanoscale energy storage.
Past members
  Can Onur Avci |
  Max Mann |
  Sarah Schlotter |
  Kohei Ueda |
  Parnika Agrawal |
  Min ae Ouk |
  Chi-Feng Pai |
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