Goodbye Maarten

We say goodbye to Maarten, a visiting researcher from Mainz for the Fall semester working on coarse-grained modeling and computer simulation of skyrmion dynamics as well as the application of thermal skyrmion diffusion in non-conventional computing devices.

Usama wins Best Student Presentation and Best Poster Award

At MMM 2023 Usama won best student presentation award for his contributed oral presentation titled “Magneto-Ionic Enhancement of Exchange Bias and Modulation of Ferromagnetic Bi-stability”. He also won best poster award for his poster titled “Domain Wall Creep for Assessing Exchange-Bias in Ferromagnet/Antiferromagnet Thin Films”. Congratulations Usama!

Professor Beach elevated to Fellow of the IEEE

Professor Beach has been elevated to Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to the understanding of magnetoelectric effects, domain wall, and skyrmion dynamics in nanostructures. Congrats!

Allison Receives Award

Congratulations to Allison on being awarded the “Graduate Student Community Service Award” in recognition of her talents and excellence in the DMSE student community.

Sara’s Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Sara on a successful thesis defense on “Proton Dynamics in Ultrathin GdOxHy Films for Magneto-Ionics”!!!

Daniel’s Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Daniel on a successful thesis defense on “Magnetic and spin-transport properties of rare-earth transition-metal thin film ferrimagnets”!!!

New postdoc

We welcome Michael Kitcher to the group!

Sasha’s Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Sasha on a successful thesis defense on “Electrical Detection of Antiferromagnetic Switching in Epitaxial Insulating Oxide”!!!

Goodbye Mantao

We wish Mantao, a PhD graduate and then postdoc in our group, good luck in his next postdoc in Professor Bilge Yildiz’s group. Hopefully we will get to see you around!