Beach Group

Laboratory for Nanomagnetism and Spin Dynamics


The Spin Dynamics Group studies the dynamical behavior of magnetic – or “spintronic” – materials and structures. We are interested in new spin-based concepts in data storage, computing, and nanomedicine, and the fundamental materials properties to enable these technologies. Our activities include materials growth, nanoscale patterning, advanced instrumentation development, and a variety of characterization techniques supported by numerical simulations. More information about our research subdivisions can be found on our topics page. More information about the nanoprocessing facility in which we pattern our materials can be found on the NanoStructures Laboratory (NSL) page. More information about our material growth and characterization equipment can be found on our equipment page.

Our research interests cover a range of topics in the field of nanomagnetism and spin dynamics, with applications ranging from data storage and computing to biomedical devices. Click the thumbnails to learn more about our group’s research interests.