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Laboratory for Nanomagnetism and Spin Dynamics

Magnetic Lab-on-Chip Devices

Functionalized superparamagnetic beads are the biomedical industry workhorse for tagging, manipulating, and detecting chemical and biological species in a fluid environment. This work makes a significant step forward in the field of on-chip magnetic bead handling by using magnetic domain walls as mobile traps for beads. We show that the bead-DW magnetostatic interaction enables transport along specifically designed track structures, and that a bead trapped by a sinsusoidally-driven DW in such a track exhibits a magneto-mechanical resonance frequency characteristic of its size and susceptibility. This interaction between bead and domain wall provides a means to sense and characterize magnetic beads without the need for specific chemistry. The integration of transport and measurement on chip coupled with chemical non-specificity is a step toward the development of multifunctional precision magnetic lab-on-bead devices. This work bridges the fields of physics and biomedical device engineering.

Related publications:

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